the great wind.


alright. so not exactly the beginning of the year, we are 2 days in, but it’s pretty close. 2008 ended and 2009 started in Virginia, the site of a whole lot of American history. and, i’ve discovered, the place of undying love for Thomas Jefferson.

while the record wind blew our poor faces off, we walked the shores of the James River on the last day of ’08. melissa found the hitch of Captain John Smith’s boat. krista found the quarry. i found a beer can, 3 quarters full. it was a good day.

and though my hair flew everywhere and my fingers grew colder and colder, i welcomed the wind. the huge gusts that shook the cobwebs and rattled the trees. that swept the leaves away and pushed the huge flock of white birds across the water. i thought it strong enough to carry the dust and ashes away…

it wasn’t. but i laughed and yelled and climbed trees and kept company with the sun. the simple things cure the bruises. they also lend you hope until you have enough of your own for something truly great ahead…

2009. clean, beautiful slate.


One response to “the great wind.

  1. hi dani,
    my favorite part about this day was when the camera fell and we all screeched, only to find that a knoll in a fallen tree had safely cradled its fall. thank you, nature.

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