madison. shakespeare. henry.

img_04812img_06991img_07362watched the sun go down on the first day of the year.
drove down 64 west to Harrisonburg at sunset listening to Sigur Ros with the crew.
ran down the church path of St. John’s Church where American revolutionary Patrick Henry once proclaimed, “give me liberty, or give me death!”
caught Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at Blackfriars Theatre.
came across a human replica of our friend Chris Boyd in Greenberrys.
climbed a willow tree.
kissed a statue of James Madison.
walked down a railroad.
had a stair race with melissa at the Jefferson Hotel, where Elvis hung out back in the day…
ate eggs and played trivial pursuit at Captain Buzzy’s Beanery.
listened to Tom Petty tunes over a round of beers at Dave’s. belted out the words “now i’m free, free fallin’. yeah i’m free, free fallin'” over the balcony.

things i’ve done in the past few days…


One response to “madison. shakespeare. henry.

  1. i know you don’t believe j.maddy is really like, 4 foot 11 inches, but look it up! he’s a shorty pie.

    right now you are conked out (surprise surprise) while mel and lizzy are talking about africa (surprise surprise). I have TWO candles burning, because let’s be honest, one aint enough for our upset… stomaches.

    we are waking in t-minus 5 hours to get you all to your designated locations. i hope you sleep on the plane.

    i hate. HATE. that you are all leaving me.

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