“who needs sleep when we’ve got love?”

i got out from under the thick pile of blankets to get a glass of water. standing against the sink,  i glanced over at the clock. 5 am.

the wood floors creaked under my steps as i pushed the door forward. krista was still in the chair. mel and lizzy still sprawled on the twin bed.

“what time is it?”

“5 a.m.”

“WHAT! it’s 5 a.m?!”


we had been spending our hours in leggings and flannel watching “the office”, eating cheap pizza, chocolate, sour cream & onion chips, and nursing cup after cup of coffee. stellar menu for creating some pretty upset stomachs.
we migrated upstairs and talking into the night became talking into the morning. and since we were already up, we might as well go and watch the light rise that would introduce everyone else to a day we had already known for hours…

sitting in the car in the middle of the campus parking lot listening to Sigur Ros, the four of us sat quietly and the colors came out. purple. orange. pink. welcome to the day.img_07991img_07971


2 responses to ““who needs sleep when we’ve got love?”

  1. did sigur ros write their latest album while watching the sun cast its colors on icelandic snowfall? i think so. beautiful, perfect, mesmerizing.

    what a memory. you have been a lovely guest at the Sandlot abode here in harrisonburg. if you ever need an escape, know that the bed linens will be turned down for your arrival, an array of tea will await you at Dooberry’s, and some sweet tunes will greet you in the doorway.

    all i ask is that you bring your wit and charm.

    take care of the girls for me in CA. i love you. cheers!

  2. Dearest Dani,
    i have spend almost the all night reading your blog, enjoying your beautiful pictures…
    you girls look beautiful on those pictures!!!
    i love you girls and miss you very much!

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