beach. mountain. beach.







the days are packed.

after being at the beach on thursday, the pendulum swung and we found ourselves thick in the mountains on friday at Lizzy’s family cabin. horseshoes. shooting beer cans with a BB Gun. lunch on the deck. the slingshot. looking out at the view…

we drove down from the mountains, had dinner at the tavern and went back to lizzy’s place. and since her backyard looks out over the road, there was only one thing to do. take dozens of light bulbs off their strings, chuck them into the air, watch them smash, wait for traffic to run them over, and laugh. we’re a mature bunch.
then Ryan made a bonfire, we cracked some beers and roasted christmas tree mallows…no better way to end a day.

today it was back to the beach, aviators on, slurpees in hand, and the beach boys on the radio. i explored the cracks and rocks, watched the birds and poked my fingers into lots of sea anemones. i’m pretty sure i will forever feel five years old when i’m at the oceans edge. curiosity becomes my prime company. time fades away.

then we watched as another warm sun went to wake another part of the world.


2 responses to “beach. mountain. beach.

  1. one word: jealous.

  2. Dani! These pics are spectacular! You are truly enjoying some amazing things. Have a wonderful experience!

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