return to the third.

there’s no usb drive on this thing, so pictures aren’t happenin’. BUT. this is official word that the trio is now officially taking on asia.

we arrived in kuala lumpur a few hours ago, wandered the cluttered chinatown streets and after checking out a couple hostels (one above a reggae bar and the other we couldn’t figure out if the receptionist was a man or a woman – elliott: “um, was that a chick or a dude? me: “um, ya, i dunno. i’m gonna go with dude.”), this little malaysian man led us to where we’re now at. three little beds (bens already broke), rooftop view, fans on full blast.

as me and ben sit here writing, i am sweating. sweating. sweating. it’s a heat box over here.

most notable event of the day:
ben nearly got eaten by an elevator. local dude comes to the rescue. i have to stand, legs crossed, and make everyone wait so i don’t pee myself laughing.

the streets are packed with crazy motorists, random alleyways serve as garbage disposals, wafts of strange smells are, once again, the norm (“dude, it smells like nutrigrains in this joint”) and the locals never fail to remind you with their lingering stares that you are nowhere near home.

it has been almost 2 years and i missed it. sigh, the third world. i’m back.


4 responses to “return to the third.

  1. ha ha ha danielle

    so you — “umm, ya i don’t know” I CAN JUST SEE YOU SAYING THAT AND THE EXACT EXPRESSION YOU WILL HAVE!!!!! and oh my i would love to see this man/woman!


    i love you with my whole heart!!!!!!!!!!!!

    any chance of a chit chat somewhere along your journey!!!?!?!?!

    i pray for you DAILY

    i know you are safe + sound & God is guiding you on this journey.


    update soon!!!!!!!

    misses times a million.


  2. ohhh Malaysia…you know growing up we used to eat this awesome curry dish and we called it Malaysian meal. It was splendid, plus we felt that because it was a foreign dish we could eat it with our hands. So go out and find some Malaysian meal and eat it with your hands and enjoy!

  3. Hey Dani,

    Sounds like you’re having an amazing time. If you get a chance, check out the comments happening on your article on .

    I downloaded the “you belong” song you mentioned in an earlier post — it’s a great track — and think of you and your epic adventure whenever it comes up in the shuffle. Happy travels!

  4. Dude, Malaysia is the sweatyest place alive! I think it is the most humid place Ive ever been. Good luck!

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