living in a postcard.

this past week the five of us have been out on a tiny island off the coast of bali, nusa lembongan.

heaps has gone down. golf balls getting hit into the sea. lollipops in the pool. late night swimming races. surfing. crab-showdowns. early morning coffee times. the boys taking on a fridge full of bintang. scooter rides. choco bombs and fruit sploots. snorkelling along “the wall”. unbelievable sunsets. watching jon’s burn get worse..and worse…and worse. singing along with locals to foo fighters, jack johnson, nirvana…and christmas day cock fights, bali-style.

yup. christmas day cock fights. i have to collect some pics from melissa, so those are to come. but for now, one of the greatest things about enjoying all of these stupidly great times was the place we stayed. the top of the hill penthouse with the “when you step out of the bathroom or wake up in the morning or walk in the door take your breath away” view.

open your eyes and peek through the white whimsical net? volcano. right. there.
perch your coffee on the balcony. laugh around the table. get into a good book. it’s always over a beautiful blue sea of tiny fishing boats banked on white sand…it was RIDICULOUS.






to night. (look out at the stars? big dipper!)


stay here with rad friends, check out the surf from your bed, head down to the beach, fall asleep under the big dipper and it’s no wonder that almost every morning a phil collins song would be the first notes in my head…

“it’s just another day for you, you and me in paradise…”


One response to “living in a postcard.

  1. and can we talk about this picture for a minute?! maybe 3 minutes? that is an AWESOME pic of the Big Dipper.

    [2 mins and 45 more seconds of continued amazement]

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