some british happiness.

yesterday morning i was trading malaysian ringgit for fruit at a stand deep in chinatown, kuala lumpur. the ever-muggy heat, car horns and the nasi goreng/garbage smell made it just another day in malaysia.

fast-forward less than 24 hours.

this morning i’m reading the front page article of ‘the times’ about the G20 summit at a tiny table in a flat in kings langley, london. there’s tea, there’s toast, and oasis is singing through the radio,“slip inside the eye of your mind, don’t you know you might find a better place to play…”
i glance out the window and a couple geese casually float by on the canal right outside the front door.

this is why one day in travel can feel like a lifetime. these two worlds couldn’t be any more different and my life has been contained in both of them in one, single day.

this world has hot showers. i didn’t have to worry if my bed had bed bugs in it last night. i’m not sweating like a wrestler right now. britain actually cares about garbage disposal. and though it was a sudden drop in temperature by about 30 degrees, it pretty much guarantees that i won’t see anymore europeans in speedos, which i dig, so i can make do with london weather…

and the best thing about coming from places so foreign and often lacking a lot of the comforts of home? the littlest things are once again a novelty.

like this morning, i actually yelled up the stairs to bex,

“BEX! o my gosh!!! there’s hot chocolate!! … and marshmellows!!!! you want one!?!?!”

my reaction to discovering marshmellows is equivalent to discovering gold. or lost keys.
i’m in london, the home of big ben, madame tussauds, buckingham palace and …. marshmellows. that about sums up my happiness. marshmellows.

being away gives you back the gift of seeing things like a kid. you discover all the little things again…and why they make you so happy.


2 responses to “some british happiness.


  2. ahhh give pip a big smooch from me.
    have a wild time!!
    can’t wait to see all the ‘photos’ (and imagine that being said in pip’s charming accent…oh the brits!!)

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