abbey road.

walking across this will change your life.


the zebra crossing just outside abbey road studios where the beatles recorded most of their music, including their last album in 69, aptly titled abbey road.

ya it´s just a crosswalk. but it´s the crosswalk. get ¨ẗhe ballad of john and yoko¨ tune going in your head, stop traffic and walk where lennon, mccartney, harrison and starr did and … and …

shit. this is why life is so good. you get to live it.
and if i get to feel the presence of a band long gone on a street somewhere in london on some random day in april and it makes me feel fully alive than … than that is what life is and what i always want my life to be about.
feeling fully alive.




the writing on the wall.
since the 70´s people from around the world with anything resembling love for the beatles have come to this spot and written tribute. it´s daunting. and since we were late meeting a friend, it was even more daunting trying to think of the one thing you´d want to write on this infamous wall when you´re rushed for time.

you don´t want to write something highly regrettable or stupid. and there isn´t enough space to tell them, for the one trillioneth time, that their music was the oxygen of the 60s, or to write a giant thank you note telling them that ¨let it be¨ helped you to breath in a total shit time.

my first instinct was to write, ¨i love george¨, but went with,

¨all you need is love¨ -dani (with a heart, of course)

not highly original. but its universal. and beautiful. and a belief i´ve had wrapped in my hand for years.



¨there´s nothing you can know that isn known.
nothing you can see that isn shown.
nowhere you can be that isn´t where you´re meant to be.¨


if abbey road was where i was meant to be yesterday, i´m as lucky as heck.


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