i could be non-dutch.


i just went for a bike ride in the dutch countryside.

i pretty much just laughed at myself the entire time. i was on my own, on a bike as old as i am (literally) and my toes could barely touch the ground. i couldn´t remember which side of the road to be on and i was trying to read road signs that need to be so long because the words are mini-novels. masdfiouasidofj road. how the heck do you say that.

i swear im not dutch. i´m supposed to be, but i´m not so sure.

the things that do make it familiar? at tea time they have those almond cookie things that we get at the dutch store at home and everyone sounds like my uncle jack. or my uncle herman.

other than that, i have an inability to pronounce anything and feel ridiculous on a bicycle. maybe it will take more than 24 hours to warm to my heritage.




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