one of the best things i did in amsterdam was go to the photography museum. i had no idea what exhibition would be on but its photography, you can’t go wrong.

well hot damn. my lucky day.
the work of an unbelievable, revolutionary photographer was kickin’ around this side street in amsterdam. i slapped down my 9 euro and spent 3 glorious hours in Richard Avedon – Photographs 1946-2004.

this guy travelled into the vietnam war, staffed at Vogue for over 20 years, redefined what portrait photography is…and snapped dylan.


the walls were adorned with allen ginsberg, eisenhower, andy warhol and the factory, tennessee williams, brigitte bardot, janis joplin, the beatles, malcolm x, marilyn monroe, capote, isak dinesen…presidents, slaves, dutchesses, murderers, poets, models, sculptors, musicians….






this old dude was my favorite. he was part of a series Avedon did from ’79-84 called in the american west.
what i loved most was his description: clarence lippard, drifter. ok, so it could be a euphemism for dingy homeless bum. could be.
but i loved that he wasn’t a lawyer, or a distinguished author, or a famous anything. he could just be a drifter.

so often we are told or tempted to be something. well what if we don’t want to be something in the conventional sense? there is just as much validity in being a drifter. like good ol’ clarence.

he’s stunning.


i was flipping through the pictures with lilly.
“are you allowed to take pictures in a museum?” she asked.
“well. i don’t know. you can until they tell you you can’t”

another stem off the philosophy of my father who once said, “if you walk in like you own the place, nobody questions you.”

when me and tim apply this wisdom, time and time again, to walking into movie theatres without paying, my dad just shakes his head. but i think he meant in a morally-correct context, it works. every time.


One response to “avedon.

  1. ha. like with four christmases!! well i think it was a good call there – who would want to spend money on that horrible horrible movie.

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