love and reality, unplugged.

lauryn hill. unplugged. interlude 5.

“we date people, like let’s say we’re interested in somebody and we put on the perfume and dress up … and then we do things that we’ll never, ever do again. you understand what i’m sayin’? and that’s why so many marriages end up in divorce because people wake up next to a stranger. they say, “who the hell are you? what are you doin’ in this bed? where’s that man that used to do du, du and du?” and i’m sayin’ just give ’em reality from the door. because see you’re gonna attract love, and the one that really loves you. and then you don’t have to pretend and falsify and, you know, keep that posture.

i’ll never forget when i first met him, he saw me eating in front of him. and he’s like, “you eat like a man. you must not like me?” ’cause you know, women are usually postured. i said, “nah, i said, it’s not even that. but this is reality,” and that’s it man. i’m telling you, it’s so wonderful to finally find.”


everyone shoould take notes from lauryn hill. she’s speaks it true.
and i agree. just give ’em reality from the door. save yourself a lot of grief and hand it out straight. 

i think farting is hilarious.
my idea of a rad date is a record player and a big bowl of macaroni.
beer is good.
i would put a bob dylan poster in a baby room.
i eat. a lot. and often.
money doesn’t mean anything.
and if you don’t love God, game over.

just one of the many things i mulled over in a bumpy bus wandering through south africa…


2 responses to “love and reality, unplugged.

  1. i love your blog. everything about it. even your lack of capitalization… just how i write.

    much love from a kindred soul,

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