from africa to the big apple.

i can’t believe africa is over. already.
in just a few short hours i’ll be boarding another plane, to the sandy middle east. dubai.
i have a new book in hand, the anthony kiedis bio i’ve been recommended 1,000 times, a charged i-pod with my latest song addiction, david bowie’s “heroes”, and a set schedule:

sleepover with bex and sarah in london on friday night.
party at my big brother’s house in toronto on saturday night.
and monday night?


lisa, hailey, jenna and i will be taking over manhattan, and it will mark my return to north america.

so i guess this is it.
adios. arrivederci. adeus. goodbye africa.


One response to “from africa to the big apple.

  1. thats sooo exciting! Plus that means its even closer to when i see YOU!! YAY!

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