five big parts.

july 24.


i couldn’t have coerced creativity out of myself this day no more than i could have coerced a bear to make me a felt hat.

this was the only photo i managed to muster. sitting on the patio of a cafe frequented by hipster college students and old, guitar-slinging hippies.

i was drinking homesickness, eating homesickness, seeing homesickness.

i could have been hanging out with the pope and it wouldn’t have mattered.
“you’re not my dad, go away.”
ok, i might have said that anyways…

but i missed being understood and unreserved. i missed all the insignificant things that sink silently into normal life when you’re home.

i missed my own people. my family. i needed some kreeft’s.

because the thing is, you belong to one another and when one is missing, something is missing in everyone.

i’m missing five parts. five big parts.

and i feel it. everyday. but this day, the feeling knocked out optimism and enthusiasm in one stupid swoop.


One response to “five big parts.

  1. this made me cryyyyyyy


    i also miss that part of me… which i feel i’ve not had for years.
    i’ve felt so out of it, and skype..e-mails and once a year visits that take 2 days to get there just don’t cut it anymore.

    ah. family. our hearts.

    well my girl- you are my family too and i’m thinking + praying for you always.

    ❤ u. with my part of heart that is only yours!!!!!!!

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