slew o’ days.

i have some serious catching up to do. so here we go:

august 2.


the morning after, on very little sleep, all cavorting at the only place anyone seems to cavort these days: starbucks.

august 3.


i recognize that this is not brag-worthy picture taking. but it was in the crappy dim lighting of a movie theatre, if that grants me any grace. 
big hunk of brie, fresh baguette. this is why i have a big purse. not for books or make-up or keys or a small dog. it’s so i can sneak food into the movies.

so here we sat, lizzy, mel and i, watching “500 days of summer” and feeling very french doing it.
well sort of.

august 4. 


in charlottesville.

and i guess i loved it because, well, it’s true. one of the truest things i know.

august 5.



last night we, as a gang of seven, went to the picnic tables in our park. and had beers and green curry. it was one of those nights where you look around at the company and wonder, “how did this happen?”

random people eating curry in the park across the road from the fire station as the sun takes the warmth from the sky and night comes on duty.

this was our vacated dinner spot while everyone was running around and chasing a dog named mac. he had slipped out of his old lady owners clutches. smart dog.

the guys ran him all the way home.

this. today. august 6.


it rained all afternoon. big drops everywhere.
we stayed dry drinking cuploads of coffee in a very, very cute place.


2 responses to “slew o’ days.

  1. it was a good day.

  2. Oops, I was signed in as Krista. Mel says it was a good day. But I’m sure Krista had fun too

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