i don’t even know who reads this interrupted and constant monologue, but for anyone who does, it’s hiatus time.

the next two weeks will be GLORIOUS and hectic, full of life change. and i just don’t want the disruption of the online world to be interjected into it and be on my mind and taking up my time. who needs it (coming from the female who’s writing career depends entirely on it…) 

my older brother is getting married, so we’re getting a new sister. i’m flying back to edmonton after being foreign to it since last year. and i’m packing up my life into a couple suitcases and moving to the big city by the sea: vancouver.

there isn’t enough time in the day right now to print out thoughts.

so two week hiatus. in effect. starting. now.


2 responses to “pause.

  1. 2 week hiatus and then I won’t need to check this every day because you and i will be NEIGHBOURS!!!!!!

    I’m beyond excited!

  2. i miss your blog.
    is your hiatus almost up?!

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