my new love, my new Remington.






the Remington. from what i’ve looked up, it’s the Remington Portable #4. they were only produced for two months between november 1931 to january 1932 with under 3,000 being made.

rewind a bit more, and here’s the little history lesson. in 1867, an american guy, sholes, constructed the first practical typewriter. he went on to make another one, with some improvements. a few years later, in 1873, he signed a deal with e.remington and sons, gunsmiths from new york, to manufacture them.
the typewriters were up for sale a year later and renamed the Remington.
Mark Twain bought a Remington. then he wrote a book on it and became the first author to submit a manuscript in type.

maybe i’ll follow suit? ha. i dunno.

but i’ve dreamt of buying an ancient typewriter and sitting at it clicking away on its keys for months and months. i was thinking of how great it would be to be in the middle of africa, in some hut, putting life on paper through the slow one-by-one tapping of ink. my Remington is portable so maybe i will. how old-world would that feel…

at any rate, i am in love with it. i had to wait till my sister woke up to punch my first loud key.
it smells like a forgotten library book or jane austen’s attic; it smells really old. it has yellow, vintage buttons and a british pound key. its little and black and even tings! at the end of a line. it is so, so beautiful. every time i passed it on the floor last night while i was making dinner, i smiled. and sometimes clapped.  

i will write stories and recount adventures and make little notes and … the love affair begins.



4 responses to “my new love, my new Remington.

  1. I love all the plans you have for this dear little typewriter! It makes me long for one as well! The history, the simplicity, the “old world feel” as you say – delight!

  2. oh danielle, i can picture you clapping each time you walked by this lovely little typewriter.

    my friend has an extra typewriter that she offered to sell to me, but i’m a little intimidated by having to buy new ribbon, learning how to thread it etc…and it’s not nearly so pretty as this one!

    love you lots. xo

  3. Jessica Poettcker


  4. i DID clap, i’m not even lying.
    i was over the moon as it sat there.

    well i think you could easily get a new ribbon, maybe threading it would be a little tricky, and yes vintage is better than plastic, so look on craigslist! that’s where i got my beauty!

    ya, isn’t it rad jess? friggen love it, correct.

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