the grit, the sea.

mulling over these photos brings seattle right back up to my face again.
we were there on saturday. 
and it’s so odd to miss something so quickly after leaving it, but i guess that’s how it goes.

driving into the city is like greeting parts of myself that have only ever lived there. 
love seattle.

“the realization i was alive would startle me, as though it had come up from behind and slammed two books together.” – donald miller.

i was reaching for these old 99 cent berry boxes a level below the market and iron & wine’s “such great heights” came on. i actually, actually teared up.
the realization that i was alive startled me and i wanted to stay in that store just so i could feel that way forever. pull out a sleeping bag and live on the floor. 

i met this guy wandering through the market, tim robinson. he’s been selling his paintings at pike place market for 31 years. 31 years. his textured sea paintings framed with old window frames have supported him all this time. 
i can’t stand how rad that is.
i wondered if he had a wife back on a houseboat somewhere, looking up at the stars and boiling water for tea. maybe putting up white christmas lights while the little waves clapped at the bow.

then i decided i need to find a young tim robinson. so i could be said wife.
waiting to hear her arty husband’s boots on the docks, returning to her.

seattle has a good chunk of my affection. 
the fish, the rain, the lights, the grit, the sea.


6 responses to “the grit, the sea.

  1. This makes me want to head off for a Seattle adventure! Your posts are like poetry! Thanks for sharing such fine writing!

  2. thanks emily!
    have you been to seattle yet?? you NEED to go.

  3. I have one very similar photo of the market sign…

  4. i’m so glad to have finally visited seattle!
    gorgeous pictures danielle….

  5. Jessica Poettcker

    Want to visit us in the grand city by the sea in december?! 🙂

  6. These photos are excellent. Seattle really is a great and unique city. The food is outstanding.

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