the last day that was.

today was all the best parts of our little life here in vancouver:

breakfast on 4th avenue at sophie’s cosmic cafe.

deem me a big dreamer, but i’ve always wanted to roll out of bed and walk into a diner for breakfast. emily was meeting a longtime friend right after, so she looked fresh and clean, but i made good on my wish and literally rolled out of bed and into sophie’s.
coffee and eggs and toast are so much better with some sleep lines on your face.

waking up…

a walk in the neighborhood.

huge ornaments on shrubs and sticks looks quite hilarious without the white backdrop.
an actual white christmas awaits us the next province over… 

and everyone needs to stop right here. because this, this picture, is why i love vancouver so much. 
the vine wall, the random dresser, the tall houses dressed in faded blue and aged brown, the winding staircases…

i love everything about this picture. and i will look at it when i long for van-city and know exactly why i long. 

this next part is not exciting,

but i went to put some leftovers in the garbage and found emily’s moccasins. we’ve been doing some serious purging and the garbage was starting to look like a garage sale.


cheapest pints in the city.
tree with a bagel angel.
jesus in the stain glass smoking a joint. 

what’s not to love.

note: these couple pictures make clear that, for some reason, i like pictures with faces chopped at the eye.
it’s also a coincidence that we are doing the exact same thing in these pictures.

and finally,

a late movie at 5th avenue.

and a return to our place, devoid of most of our stuff. our christmas tree is still kickin’ in its salad bowl though.

we laughed and packed and took the bus and sold furniture and…we did a lot of things.
and it was exactly what i hoped it would be.


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