in just 7 days.

there’s this part in the movie marley & me that i love.
it’s this five-minute summary of flash scenes of his life,
“picked up marley, came home, had a food fight, parents came into town, drove to bocca, wrote a story about bocca, came home, took marley for a walk…”

it so often feels like life is exactly like that. this rapid succession of events that come one after the other after the other.
and funnily enough, it’s what makes up our lives. the small things, the big things, the mundane things, all of it.

this week couldn’t have felt more like that. to get into the thickest description of my thoughts this week is impossible. who knows if i’ve even processed any of it, really. so for now, here are the facts. the wake i’ve just left, in rapid succession-style.


in edmonton. sit at the black dog pub. visit with old friends.


try to find winter jacket. get distracted. try on hunting hats with dad and bro-law stu.
buy above mentioned hat. 

take shots of baileys with the family.


fly back to vancouver. return to this apartment (and this isn’t even its worst…)
immediately make coffee and pull hair out. 


laugh at this. (what the…??)

typewrite a letter to my sister. try to amp myself up, warm up to risk. 


go for brunch. pick up melissa. drive to seattle. squeal about the I-5 and turn the volume…UP.
ooh and aah at how beautiful pike place was decorated. 

take pictures of goodies.
get coffee. go to ben’s. hug kandice and des. say goodbye to kandice and des. struggle for 15 minutes to open ben’s door. get in. ryan, kellan and mike come over. crack some beers. it officially begins.

drive downtown with autokratz on full blast. find parking.
stand beneath the showbox with tickets in hand.
walk in. 

feel how this picture looks. we are STOKED


celebrate. celebrate. celebrate. 
dance. dance. dance.

jig about at kell’s, a mecca of memories.


stall getting out from under the blankets on the floor.
take arty snap outside of bens.
diner breakfast at the boat docks with the guys.
drive back, begrudgingly, to canada. 


wake up early and pack. and pack. and pack. a fleet of friends help (thank God.)
jam car full of stuff. finally get on the road. cross the bridge with my little tree riding shotgun.

get to whistler.
unload everything. feel sick at the sight of sorting it all. 

feel accomplished. go for much-deserved beers.


take a snap of my new home in the woods.

it is absolutely insane how much can happen in a week. from edmonton to vancouver to seattle to vancouver to whistler…

it has only exposed how quick life goes. 
there was this day back in november that i was just wishfully thinking, nothing too serious. and i actually said out loud, “i just want to live in a log cabin in the woods.” 

be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. and sooner than you think.

 a happy, happy new year to everyone. may 2010 be full of bright possibility and things you never dreamt of. embrace the winds of change, they’re warmer than you think.



3 responses to “in just 7 days.

  1. Jessica Poettcker

    We saw the lonely forest in seattle too! Jesse was a big fan.
    Your log cabin looks amazing!! Very quaint and welcoming. Maybe I will drive up for a visit when we’re itchin for a road trip in the dull dreary early spring. I never have been to whistler….
    Best of luck on this new leg of adventures….keep me posted. love ya, happy new year!!!
    xoxo jessica
    p.s. i too LOVE that part of marley and me. pretty much just love that entire movie way too much.

  2. hahahahaha “what the hell” is right with that little car!!! i laughed out loud. funny!!!!!!!!!!!

    holy shit you have SO MUCH stuff in that little room! some things never change. the stuff that follows you wherever you go is insane. packrat!


  3. i too love that part in marley + me!

    man, what a whirlwind. you must be exhausted. hope you have time to recuperate + unpack in between training shifts.

    and that log cabin is WAY WAY WAY more beautiful than i anticipated! woohoo!

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