up high in the sky.

table mountain. may, 2009.

“Once you have that climactic scene in mind, you’ll know the scenes it takes to get there.” – donald miller.

the hundreds of little scenes that will take me to that climactic scene include:
clocking in for extra shifts at the longhorn,
depositing paychecks,
clicking through a bunch of travel websites, comparing prices and booking a plane ticket,
disciplining myself to study my grammar texts and read the mandela bio and study south african history (most likely in the whistler library),
getting reacquainted with an SLR camera…

and when i’m up late at night studying or reading, or moaning about that seventh shift in as many days, i’ll remember

the why.

because there will come a day in may when i hike up through the ridges of table mountain with the top looming over my head. i’ll have a camera slung around my neck bouncing on my tie-dye shirt, and in a side sack i’ll have a beer and a cupcake.
yup,  a cupcake.
and when my hand hits the dusty ledge and i drag myself up, when i feel my feet on its summit and look out at the city i adore, i’ll probably cry. actually, i undoubtedly will. 

because it took so much to get there.
to get to africa five times by 25.
to go to the first ever world cup held in africa.
to, once again, be back in south africa.

i’ll sit in the grass way up high in the sky and eat that cupcake and drink that beer. and as the wind blows, the simpleness of the whole thing will feel so suddenly profound.

and that’s it. that’s my climactic scene.


2 responses to “up high in the sky.

  1. agh danielle…this is beautiful. you write so well. it will definitely definitely be so worth it.

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