i woke up this morning, put some toast in, got the coffee brewing, sat on my bed and plugged in a nooma video.
when life is going awry, i often plug them in. they smarten me up.
so i scrolled through and saw one called ‘rich’. and since i’m curently weeping over my empty wallet, the title seemed pretty appropriate.

and it was. i got a good kick in the head.
around the five-minute mark, rob bell starts saying,

all that we have is a gift.
food. it’s a gift. (i look down at my peanut butter toast.)
clothes? gift. (my new american apparel hoodie is hanging off the end of my bed.)
roof? gift. (my beds directly beneath the start of the attic roof slant.)
that breath you just took. it’s a gift. (i inhaled and thought about all the people that won’t ever get to do that again.)

shit, i really do have so much.
i was humbled. and i needed to be. 

“Command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.”

1 timothy 6:17

it doesn’t take a lot of fact spewing about the wealth vs. poverty numbers to see that i am blessed. we are all blessed.
instead of internalizing that, i’m asked to give. i have a divine responsibility to give. 

how God instructed us to live our lives, in acts of service and generosity, still stands regardless of what our bank accounts look like. and trust me,  mine is bleaker than bleak. but it’s not conditional instruction. it’s a flat-out, “this is how you are to be”

at the end of the video bell leans into the screen and says,

“what can you do to be more generous? what is the next step for you?
you have been BLESSED.
what can you give? who are you going to bless?

may you come to see that you’re RICH. and your possessions are luxuries that most of the people in the world don’t have.
may you do what Jesus says, may you step in to your divine responsibility to give. and when you do, may you take hold of the life that is
truly life.” 

i need to re-read this. often 
because the minute i forget how blessed i am is the same minute i forget who gave it all to me.  

maybe this will challenge you as much as it challenged me. 
happy sunday!



3 responses to “rich.

  1. MY DANI

    oh how i love you.
    you inspire me
    if only i could be as cool as you sista.

    this is EXACTLY what i needed to hear.

    calculating all my nyc expenses and boy am i going to be broke + in debt…. buy HEY that is life. who doesn’t have money woes ? its normal. its real. its the way the wheel turns
    in the end it will BALANCE out we just cant see it now!

    we will look back at these times and just smile b/c our pocket books were so empty ! but we will also have the MOST amazing life experiences + stories to go along with them.

    instead of talking about house payments, new cars and carpooling …
    we are living NOT existing.

    thanks for this my girl!
    love love love you more and more!!!


  2. Well-said and something we all need to be aware of in our own lives! This post inspired me so much that I make a call out to it and your blog in my latest post!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful words, Dani!

  3. Hello my love,

    Firstly, I am wishing I am in the log cabin listening to James Taylor with you. However, listening to James Taylor on our revovated deck in the sweltering summer heat while Harper T runs around will have to do! Secondly, this entry is great. Couldn’t find another word to describe it. In Church yesterday they talked about money, and I agreed with none of it. My heart agrees with this wholeheartedly. You just answered my prayers for today. Thank you for being.

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