these giant, white titans.


brewed fresh coffee.
listened to james taylor.
looked at the little, green blossoms on my evergreen.
watched some of ellen with my housemate rory. got up and said, “i’m going to have a shower”. he said, “good. you smell.” i said, “blah wah, you suck”. had a shower. got a text from rory, “i can still smell you.”
looked for cheap flights.
hugged my housemate brionie. she has a breaking heart. 
re-read chapter one of rob bell’s ‘sexgod’.
went to the grocery store. bought pillsbury read-to-bake cookies.

went for a walk in our neighborhood, which was probably the best part. 

because living in the mountains is something entirely of its own.  these giant, white titans loom over you and from out of them come all the big, green trees. thick and towering and at attention.
i was making my way along the road, breathing in air straight from the branches, slowly realizing how lucky i am to live here. even for just a short time, i get to
in whistler. 
in between all the log cabins and giant evergreens and white peaks, here i am.

 the muted light of late afternoon reached its arms through the cold trees and found my happy, little face.


2 responses to “these giant, white titans.

  1. I am so haunted and humbled by the mountains. I would love to live in the mountains so very much but cannot forsake my beloved ocean. I feel landlocked if I am away from the ocean too long. I must find a place that has both!

  2. emily. one word:

    or, ok, another couple:


    both with oceans, both with mountains,
    both stunning!!

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