24 days…

24 days away and everything is olympics, olympics, olympics.

whistler is at the cusp of olympic pandemonium.

information booths are being put in place, the olympic plaza is being built, people are out buying tickets, red and white lights are being strung and little miga waits in the window.

and the flags are waiting to fly.

i stood under them and, as lame as it sounds, my heart swelled seeing the canadian flag next to the olympic rings.

february is going to be an incredible time to celebrate being canadian. 
and to show the world who we are.


3 responses to “24 days…

  1. oh danielle, i wish i was right there beside you…

  2. amen.

    i bought my official canadian toque and sweater today so i can walk the streets of NYC as a PROUD CANADIAN!
    and stop by one of the now 12 locations of TIM HORTONS in MANHATTAN (!!!) and get a peppermint tea- just so i can feel the warmth of a timmy’s cup . . .

    can’t wait to SEE YOUR PICTURES!
    it will be breathtaking.

    wish i was there with you too

    chat before i get to n y c?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


    x x x x


    (not that we’re any good at winter sports as we don’t have the weather for it!) xxxx

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