new york city.

(photo compliments of the beautiful hailey taylor)

cape town townships.

the view from a plane can look so completely different.

and it is with all the excitement in the world to announce that i will be blessed to see both views again this year.
my flights are officially booked!
i’ll have my feet in the big apple may 15-19 before flying out of JFK and arriving in cape town on may 20.

there are so many details to share, without even mentioning the world cup (the WORLD CUP!!!), but for now, relishing in the simple joy of a booked flight is enough.

relish, relish, relish.


5 responses to “booked.

  1. YES, YES, YES.

    so so happy for you danielle kreeft. this trip is really happening! YAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  2. Love that feeling when a flight is just booked!

  3. Ah amazing, you get a stop over in London on the way??? xxxx

  4. YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so excited for you!!! such great things await you!

    thanks for the love.
    and nah, pip, no stop-over! boo. it will be cheaper to just go straight from new york to cape town, BUT who knows what route i’ll take coming OUT of cape town…whenever that is.
    you around in august?? xo.

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