the dani press word is spreading.

these numbers have faces have so kindly put up a bit about dani press on their blog!

and though i’m not a twitterer myself, you can find the news spreading via twitter here.

thanks for the shout-outs justin.
i’m chucking armfuls of thank you’s down to portland right now.

o, and not to plug the crap out of it, but i might as well swing once.

janis folkerts. if you haven’t met her, you should. and you need to.
she has short blonde hair and likes yellow pants that are on sale at h&m and adores all things french.
i adore this woman. 

her life is lovely and so is her blog. she showed me some love in her most recent post.

armfuls of thank you’s are headed straight for winnipeg, too.



3 responses to “spreading.

  1. armfuls of thank yous to winnipeg?!

  2. haha, janis lives in winnipeg!
    but you can have the thank you’s too…winnipeg needs some serious love.


  3. Therese Sullivan

    Is this the same Janis Folkerts who grew up in Brookfield, IL, USA?

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