with one week to go…

it the weirdest thing to watch the commercials announcing the 2010 winter olympics on tv, and then take the bus 10 minutes down the road and watch it all get put together before the cameras roll.

i love it.

last night on the way to trivia at the brewhouse, i walked past this group of dudes. one of them was drinking a heineken so i thought i’d mess with them and ask if they were from where it was brewed.
they were. straight off the plane from holland.
“no way, my father was born in hattem!”
“o yes! we know hattem!”
, they shouted.

another group of dudes walked past all donning white jackets. i turned around once they’d passed. RUSSIA was threaded into their jackets.
another group passes, FRANCE on their backs. 
you see, the olympics aren’t so much about blending in as they are about being ragingly patriotic.

and i am no exception. i bounced from store to store after work today asking everyone,
“i’m on the hunt for a huge canadian flag, you have one?”
one shop owner directed me to the hardware store and lo and behold,
“that’ll be $22.35 please.”
i am now the proud owner of a 3′ by 5′ canadian flag with loopholes so i can make it into a cape. a cape! 

tomorrow, the olympic flag rolls into town, along with 15,000 people…

until then, here’s a peek at what the mountain resort town hosting the 2010 winter olympics looks like one week beforehand…

a concert stage found a spot right in front of the grocery store. 

the stage where the medals will all come out to play and dangle on winners.

my friend BJ hard at work picking his nose while building CTV mountain square.

welcome to canada, all ye foreigners. (who doesn’t love mass orientation?) 

this used to be a restaurant, then switzerland took over. 

their broadcasting desk sits around, waiting for perky broadcasters…

the flags practice flying, the streets hold their breath, the mountain stands at the door ready to greet…and the snipers are out.

my roommate’s friend was snowboarding the other day and ran into two snipers in white snowsuits…apparantly there are snipers every 100 feet circling whistler…

uh…so tip: don’t try to get to the olympics from the backcountry. you’ll be shot.


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