nothing of those things.

i needed today.

you know when you’re stressed out and you try to follow the string back to where it’s all coming from, but you just keep pulling and pulling and, well, you just end up in pleading tears?
that was me yesterday morning. 

today, before all the olympic madness starts, before i start working non-stop, before i take all that stress way too seriously, i snuck onto the mountain.
a bunch of my housemates and i went up early, burrowed into the crystal hut for waffles and then i left with the afternoon as my company and went out to meet the foggy, foggy mountain.

i took every chairlift all the way to the top. then when i got there, i did exactly what i planned on doing:
i sat perched on top of the mountain, parked in front of the distant, craggy rocks and listened to fleet foxes. i lit up a djarum and watched the snow specks fall from the sky like little, white doilies,

and i was above it all. above the clouds and above whistler and above anything i was thinking about.

i needed to feel like there was a place here that had nothing to do with trying to get out of debt or being sick or feeling alone.
that there was a part of this place that knew nothing of those things.


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