day 2. kicking ass and taking names.

i wasn’t sure what the olympics would be besides just a whole lot of people.

i didn’t anticipate this.

street performers.
risking their necks playing hockey on stilts. only in canada, right? 

wherever there’s a tv, there are people crowded around watching it.
and it was pouring rain yesterday. 

ctv broadcasting crowds.

at one time, being on camera was a novelty.
here, there are so many camera crews getting shots and interviews and wanting to talk to fans that you’d have to be hiding under a rock not to get on tv.

skiiers. skiiers. everywhere.
the place is flooded with skiiers. 

these restaurants are front row for all the free concerts. have a beer by a heater, be sung to, people-watch. 

just…yah, people. everywhere. in matching jackets, in team jackets, in rain jackets.

wading through the people to get to the medals plaza.

mukmuk! sumi! miga! quatchi!
tough gig they have.

 elliott BROOD.
some good ol’ grungy folk. 

and some great lake swimmers. one of my favorite’s.
i sat across the way with some chicken soup and fresh bread and listened to them strum into the rain… 

and then it was off to work.
and let me tell you. i knew the place would be packed out everyday (or we were all hoping it would be). but to have the sort of spirit that is there, it’s amazing. 
everyone eating there, polish, swiss, french, american, finnish, chinese, everyone is watching. and cheering. 
the games are on all the tvs and over the loud speakers and all eyes were glued last night to the women’s canada vs. slovakia hockey game (18-0, are you kidding me? we are kicking ass and taking names) and the nail-biter that was the ladies mogul final.
with it whittling down to only american and canadian skiiers left, and the potential for the first-ever gold won on canadian soil, camera crews flooded in and were hoping to catch history. everyone went nuts and i jumped wildly in my apron when jenn heil skiied to the number one slot, but in the end, with kristi richards wipe-out and hannah kearney’s stellar run, the americans took it. 


that didn’t stop any partying.
i was walking around the dance floor with my tray and stopped to ask one of the hosts, georgie, who the guy in the
 camouflage onezie suspender outfit shaking his ass to “baby got back” on top of the speakers was.

“o, the canadian bobsled team is here. that’s one of the guys.”

i died laughing.
then made him take a picture with me. i hope they make it to the finals because we have tickets!!

then i get off work at 2:30, walk towards the bus and two dudes are wondering where the busses are.
turns out it’s alpine skier leyti seck, the only athlete competing in the olympics for senegal and one of his coaches.
african olympian! rad!

he tried running after the #10 and i missed the #4, so we talked about africa and the olympics and they were real good dudes.
his birthday is next sunday, the same day as his event. wish him luck!!

and that was day 2. 

o! and my friend josh saw johnny depp hanging out in front of the ctv broadcasting stage…and went up to him and joked that he looked like johnny depp, but wasn’t.
johnny depp got all weird and kind of laughed, then walked away.
and that was when josh turned back to his friends feeling very retarded. because it was johnny depp. 

it’s incredible being here. there was so much build-up and nobody knew what to expect, but this, this is more than i could have imagined.
i feel so, so lucky.

so cheers. to living in history…

this is insane!


One response to “day 2. kicking ass and taking names.

  1. you ARE living in history. man, every time the winter olympics roll around, you are going to think of THIS one and how you were THERE IN THE THICK OF IT. and some point your children may roll their eyes and say, “we KNOW mom! you were part of the vancouver 2010 olympics…big deal!”

    but truly, it IS a big big deal…

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