last night.

this is what my work has looked like every night of the olympics. 
crazy party hounds with all sorts of accents drinking and dancing.

but last night was 100 times better than usual.

we were setting up the VIP area and i asked my co-worker sarah,
“who’s coming?”
“bode miller!”
“who’s bode miller?”

“the greatest american alpine skiier. ever.”
“oh. huh. didn’t know that.”

so he was kicking around all night. 

then the amazing talent that is the roots came in after their huge medals plaza show and guest dj’d.


the influential hip hop that has been around for nearly 20 years drinking pelligrino and patron by the dj booth, while their drummer spinned the beats. 
(colette meek, i thought only of you…)

some of the dearest girls i work with came in, rachel, claudia and georgie, and i’d pop over every once in a while to shake around to a vintage tune.

and bobsled silver medallists came to shake their stuff on top of the speakers!

helen upperton and shelley-ann brown came in with a big crew and everyone’s cameras came out to snap them as they celebrated. 

yes, including me.
look at the big hunk of medal. canadian pride right there!
i grabbed her shoulder (when she was off the speakers!) and told her she’d done such a good job (wow. so original.)

when the night finally wound down, i heard loud singing coming from downstairs. i rushed over just in time to video tape the end of a loud and patriotic national anthem karaoke throw-down.

coming up tomorrow is the men’s final bobsled!
we get to go to an event! facepaint and flags and lots and lots of cheering for canada!

sunday will be the men’s final hockey match, which will be insane.
what a rad way to see out the olympic games…

happy weekend! 


3 responses to “last night.

  1. Insane!!!!! So wished I could have been there. What an amazing experience.

  2. dude. my heart STOPPED when i read that bit. there are actually no words to describe my jealousy. i hope you rocked out and it was every bit as epic as i’ve always imagined it to be! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  3. Amazing! Thanks for sharing your experiences. Makes it seem so much more real. Love the pictures on all the posts.


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