on the overhead.

probably one of the best e-mails i’ve received all week. or ever.

from my dear friend janis:

“my good friend krista (hopefully my turkey traveling friend) is just starting her block practicum for her FINAL YEAR. anyways, she’s doing a unit with her grade 10 english class that requires a lot of writing. she reads your blog (secretly) and really liked when you said,

nothing kills good writing faster than ignorance.”

she says a lot of her students try to write about things that they have NO idea about, SO she is going to throw up YOUR quote on the overhead and explain that the students should try and write about what they KNOW. and then she’s going to throw in that you’re going to the world cup as a journalist!

does this make you feel sort of famous? if anything, it should make you feel GOOD. you inspired my friend krista who in turn is going to try and inspire some high school students with your words of wisdom! awesome!

love you LOTS.


so flattered. so honored. but mostly just astounded at the unknown influences we can and do have on each other.

there’s nothing new under the sun. the wisdom we have has been threaded through the ages, so all we can ever do is shimmy it on through our own age. being a part of that in even the slightest way is incredible.

thanks krista. (secret reader no longer! it’s out of the bag, mate.)


3 responses to “on the overhead.

  1. Congratulations!! That is a big deal, you should feel very proud. There are few things more valuable we can do for the world than to inspire a young person. You should get yourself a special treat this weekend, I recommend anything with the word caramel in the title.

  2. yes! direct quote on the blog!

    however..the link doesn’t work? hmm.

  3. did i already comment on your blog? i think i just visited yesterday, but i don’t know what happened! 🙂 nickelback…gag! so glad you’re with me on that one! happy weekend.

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