get ready.

i think this will be my last “normal” day in whistler.


the telus world ski and snowboard festival rolls into town tonight.
and with it world-famous photographers with their cluttered bags of gear, dozens of musicians ready to drop roots and reggae, 45 filmmaker teams, way too many dj’s, the grenade games (a micro-festival within the festival) with events like superpipe and ender bender, and obviously the stars of it all, the pro skiiers and snowboarders. 

right now i’m watching the concert stage assemble itself at the base of the mountain, right in front of our work’s patio, and i’m breathing in. it’s going to be insane.

then right after that, on the 27th, we have our prom. 

a retro-themed prom with a photo booth, a nominated prom court, huge dance, year-book signing, and balloons, balloons, balloons.
and i’m quite dorkily excited since proms don’t really exist in canada. so here’s my chance to have one. i just need to find a really ugly 80’s dress…

sandwich between all this visits from seattle-ites, kellan (this weekend) and elliot (next weekend), a day of snowmobiling and ahem, PACKING for the big move, and i’d say that, yes, this is probably my last normal day in whistler… 

and i guess i couldn’t have asked this beautiful resort town to usher me out in any less grand fashion. 

with exhaustion from too much fun.


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