i think it’d be really easy to make this a monologue-esque post of recounting tales and shoving in bits of the whistler life that has been my life for the past four months.

it’s midnight. i’m not interested, to be honest.
that would just, well, take awhile.

so here’s a bit of a “things i’m going to miss” list.

getting on the bus and this becoming very normal. 
nobody is going to a 9-5. nobody is commuting, in the typical sense. nobody wears office gear.
it’s great. 

so no one wants to wake up to these sorts of messes everyday. but often times, it made me laugh.
all this shrapnel meant life was being lived. fun was being had.
some places are so clean and stiff. not ours.

friends. with mustaches. at house parties. 

getting away with looking like this. 

fat tony’s pizza. honestly, i will so dearly miss fat tony’s. 
those beef and blue cheese slices at 2 am after waiting in a long line of drunks were highlights.

living in a house with a quote wall.
and hilarious people to fill it. 

and this.
i am highly skeptical that i will ever enjoy such a view from my bedroom window again. 
this was by far one of my favorite things about living in whistler: that whistler is planted right in the middle of these peaks, as if it was trying to fit in and be one of them.
every time i peeked my head out of my log cabin window, i still thought it might just be a picture. 

so i will miss you great peaks.
very much.

and yes, there are other things that i will miss, but life is taking me elsewhere. to bigger things.
so don’t worry, you won’t catch me dawdling around the whistler photo album for very long. i’ve had my fill.

(and with that, one chapter closes and another opens…how beautiful is that?)



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