a new love.

it came in the mail yesterday.

the very first of things on my list to be stuffed into a dirty backpack and flown with me back to africa.

a beautiful recreation of the 1960s all-plastic cult camera that is:


we are going to have many, many adventures.


6 responses to “a new love.

  1. dani! mike got me one for my birthday tooooo! sweet, we’re diana buddies!

    (must admit, i just picked up our first two rolls a few days ago… one was apparently a complete blank — HOW?!?! — and the other one gave us all of six pictures. ooohhh these lomography cameras sure teach you patience!)

  2. Gorgeous! I just bought a Holga and can’t wait for my pictures to be developed! Yay for lomography! Have fun with it!

  3. Dani- this camera is top of my birthday list… snap snap xxx

  4. but to follow up on janis’ comment … the six that DID turn out = pretty flippin’ awesome.

    we just need to become better acquainted with her.

    good luck with your first hang out!

  5. um, it’s going to get meet nyc very soon.
    seriously can’t frickin wait!

    ah- lets get a super frickin amazing shot for our blogs. 3 musketeers.
    oh ya.

    love love love you.
    see you in 9 days…….
    get ready for the biggest hug ever.


  6. thanks for all the well wishes! i hope diana and i get along, otherwise i might be snapping expensive plastic right quick…

    anything that usually tries to teach me patience ends up broken. ha.

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