one word.

i’ve just started reading elizabeth gilbert’s latest book “committed: a skeptic makes peace with marriage”
i had long been curious to read it and with an unused gift certificate from christmas in hand, now seemed as good a time as any.

so this afternoon, i fit my body into the custom groove of my dad’s leather chair, brewed a fresh cup of coffee and started making my way through its light pages.

page 19:

“i had jumped into my first marriage, at the totally unfinished age of twenty-five, much the same way that a labrador jumps into a swimming pool – with exactly that much preparation and foresight. back when i was twenty-five, i was so irresponsible that i probably should not have been allowed to choose my own toothpaste, much less my own future, and so this carelessness, as you can imagine, came at a dear cost. i reaped the consequences in spades, six years later, in the grim setting of a divorce court.”

i am in love with her description of being totally unfinished at twenty-five.
because i am twenty-five and that is how i feel.


with novels to learn.
way too many maps to unfold.
whole pools of love to feel.

unfinished. unfinished.



5 responses to “one word.

  1. Brilliant! I feel the exact same way. It’s funny because many of my friends have more advanced careers and relationships than I and I often feel like a laggard but in truth, I think I am living the life I was meant to, at the right kind of pace. As yet unfinished. I like.

  2. Amen and amen. Raising a puppy at age 29 feels like a giant leap into the world of commitment to me. And as much as I’d like to be married, I’m trusting that God knows much better than I do how well I should be prepared to be a wife.

    Your husband, Dani, will someday thank you profusely for your awareness of your unfinished state. And the two of you will venture forward together in your unfinished-ness. Love it.

  3. Girl next door

    Okay, Dani,

    I don’t know you, I randomly stumbled across your blog. I have been reading for a while and have loved every bit of it BUT I have to comment on this one. Summed up everything. Absolute love.

  4. amen. amen. amen sister.
    that is beyond true.
    love the toothpaste part: i was at target today and it literally took me over 8 minutes to pick a tube… so many choices.
    ha. so true, should not be trusted.


    + unwritten stories…

    ah so much to discover. so much to see.

    and how lucky am i that i have all of it to share with you!!!

    and everyone who reads this: dani is JUST as amazing as every word she writes on here & i am beyond blessed to have her not only as a best friend, but a sister in heart & soul.

    see you in 8 days…


  5. emily – so glad you got confidence from this post! you are exactly where you need to be…

    allison – aw, dude. “your husband”…even the mention of it makes me think, “o yah! hey! i WILL have one of those…what fun” ha. thanks for the encouragement lady.

    and girl next door – love the secret readership. really, THANK YOU for reading. often times i wonder who the H i’m writing this for…so happy to know you are loving it.

    lisa – you are just (i am going to punch you in new york) the singer of praises. and encouragement. THANK YOU…ah, dear friend and sister, what would i do without you. really? new york, here we come!


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