a quick second in nyc.

it’s back to life on the road.
so it’s back to not having two minutes to rub together for any sort of good blog post, let alone pictures.

ack! there is so much to write about!

two days in new york city gives you enough material for a few short novels. 
the new yorkers, the sights, the lifestyle, the fashion, the grit, the cafés…the constant hum of a city too busy to even think about sleeping.

it’s an entirely different world in new york city, and being a part of it is a pretty hectic gig.

write more soon…



2 responses to “a quick second in nyc.

  1. Ahhhhhh…. Dani, once again, we are SO close and yet so far! You are in NYC, I am in Boston… I had no idea you were near…. when do you leave?

  2. no, bekah!
    i have had no real idea where you’ve been in the US unless i was hearing it through mel!
    how long are you in boston for???
    and sigh, i left yesterday..im typing to you from the cape town airport!! when you back on this continent???

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