to be free.

i’m sitting at JFK, supposed to be boarding my flight in a few minutes, and haven’t gone through security yet.
to say i am rushed would be an understatement. i’m really just pushing my luck.

i have too much to say about the greatness of new york city, and even a bit of my relief to leave it. i wish i had a string of hours, but life just never seems to be like that.
i had to instead spend my morning sandwiched between dozens of new yorkers on the morning commute out to queens while carrying over 50 pounds of stuff on my back. and sweating.

it’s the life.

and it’s worth it. because when i walked into the bigness of the airport and saw the south african airways sign, my heart did a full-on hurdle. 
and i kinda wanted to cry.

for being blessed to return. for being blessed to board planes and see the fullness of life.
for being blessed to be free. 

wish me luck!


2 responses to “to be free.

  1. mynameishailey

    yay nyc!!!!
    my heart is happy sad. such a great time!!!! so pumped for you and your new adventure though.

    missing you oodles!!!!

    oh and p.s. not all your pics made it on to my usb!!!! 😦 i want to cry! will have to get them from you somehow. xoxo

  2. AGHHH! lovely photos!

    i ESPECIALLY love that first + last one. man danielle, you have mad skills!

    i can’t wait to catch up on all of this.

    you are one of my favourites ever….


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