i have an anniversary.

this picture was taken a long, long time ago.

nearly ten years ago.

 i came across it a few months ago and dropped it into a folder on my computer, figuring i’d probably write a blog about it at some point.
and i figured that because this is one of those faces that represents this little golden nook of my life that pulls me right back into a time warp, and makes me sixteen again.

anyone we went to high school with would know him, (i can practically hear lisa and hailey saying, “o my gosh! LOGAN!”). he was this popular, rambunctious, cute fireball that brought many a wins to the falcons football team, and also kick-started my dating years.

and here’s why this is the appropriate time to take the picture out of the folder and air it out:
when i was driving somewhere late last week, i pulled up my hand and started counting, “1, 2, 3…8, 9,10…that was 10 years ago!”
that’s when i realized i have been swimming in the dating pool for ten years.

ten years.

how awesome is that. i have an anniversary. i’ve officially earned some stiff clout in the dating department.

we dated for four months over one pretty great summer, but then one october day he broke up with me in between third and fourth period in front of his locker. everyone passing by was watching, and whispering, and i went to fourth period drama class absolutely gutted (do you remember that class lis? ha. you’ve witnessed my entire dating life.)

our drama teacher, mr.frank, took one look at my crippled state and let me go into the back room to lie on the couch the whole class. he even let a couple friends come, one of which was this punk skater who started wailing out made-up man-bashing songs on the piano to make me feel better.

i survived long enough to get home, only to sit on the edge of my bed in tears while my mom rubbed my back and kept reminding me that i would be ok. and that he was a real idiot.
i eventually stopped staring at my battle wounds long enough to realize life goes on. and a couple months later, it did. i resumed being a teenager.

since then, it has been an often hilarious event to think back to that summer, to reminisce on that time in my life.
to pick up the lessons i learnt, roll them around in my hands, but then drop them to the ground with a loud thud and thank God i didn’t end up marrying who i thought i would at sixteen.

to walk away with an earned smile, thinking only one thing about the character he played during my early years:

what a great gutter ball.


4 responses to “i have an anniversary.

  1. DANI !!!!!!

    this MADE my morning. over my cup of jo.

    yes yes yes — i had the exact reaction you predicted.

    i seriously cannot believe it’s been 10 yrs.

    i remember that day SO WELL…
    can’t believe it was so long ago!

    the drama class… mr.frank (!!!)… was it chris parsons on the piano? oh man… what memories we share, and how blessed are we to have known each other for so long, and the fact that we just grow stronger as the days pass…

    love you sister + can’t WAIT to catch up


  2. ah: and now he’s married, 2 babes, and in SP …. YOU ARE DESTINED FOR GREATNESS :)))))))

  3. Hi Danielle! I remember that day…. so long long ago! I love your work and all that you write! Travel safely!

  4. mynameishailey

    ahahahaaaa! oh my gosh. ya so so glad you did not marry him either. great guy – but not for you.

    imagine you had 2 kiddies right now?! ha insane! you would definitely not be in south africa.

    p.s. totally remember that back room in drama class.

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