eat those cupcakes.

does anyone remember this?

i wrote these words in the first days of january, just as i had moved to whistler. 
and last week, waking up on the day we were going to hike up, i smiled. and went and bought a four-pack of cupcakes, and since a beer would have been warm by the end of the hike, i replaced that idea with a djarum. 

i put them in my neon side sack and went to live out my climactic scene.
the scene i thought about when i had to put with dumb drunk dudes and zero-tipping foreigners and idiot teenagers falling around the dance floor.

“i’ll sit in the grass way up high in the sky and eat that cupcake and drink that beer. and as the wind blows, the simpleness of the whole thing will feel so suddenly profound.”

it was simple.

and it is simple.

write down what you want to do, do the work to get there, and then when the day comes, climb that mountain, sit in the grass way up there, eat those cupcakes and smoke that djarum.


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