but He actually did.

transport on the streets of zanzibar.

little malawian boy.

hammocks next to cliffs. malawi.

those infamous bus jaunts. zambia.

mount kilimanjaro from our plane out of nairobi.

lake malawi, tanzania in the distance.
it is never hard to wake up in africa because it looks. like. this.

big sister, little brother. victoria falls, zambia.

back alleyways. malawi.

soccer ball. malawi.

those beaches. jambiani, zanzibar.

there’s this petition i started two years ago.

this petition to God that pretty much just became this long and continuous conversation. the reason behind it mainly stemmed from a really broken heart…but that’s another story.

yesterday, i was re-reading a few lines, scanning dates, scrolling through the history when i came to july 2, 2009.
i don’t remember writing it, but it was a time when i was caught up in the past, and clearly not wanting to be. so i was praying for my eyes to get knocked back to the front of my face, and to look forward.
and i wrote this, about my future:

“help me to strive boldly for it, to fight for something even greater. that this time next year i will be in and amongst an adventure that is something i could never have imagined.”

that actually happened. and i kinda can’t even believe it.

the thought that God heard those whisperings, a daughter wanting something more than a crumbled past and a predictable future, and gave it back to me in a sack full of maps and pens and passport stamps exactly a year later…

i could never have imagined the adventure.

but He actually did.

coffee. and watching the rain. stone town, zanzibar.


3 responses to “but He actually did.

  1. Hi Dani This is more real than ever. You a great Journalist especially with your pictures. But Thank you for giving me this web page.

  2. Dani I love this entry……He always listens and always responds

  3. you photos are unbelievably stunning. great work.

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