keep my distance.

i took this picture last fall and came across it again yesterday…

i feel exactly like this right now.
and i know it might be lame to compare myself to a ship, but it’s true.

i don’t have much to say. i don’t really need to be anywhere.
i’m completely content to keep my distance anchored in the middle of nowhere.

quietly bobbing in a hushed and protected little cove with maybe the muffled sound of a typewriter coming to the surface every now and then.

i’ve taken to a lot of hibernating. i like being out here, in the country, mostly left alone.
like last night, i made a cup of tea, got into my car and drove around for twenty minutes while the sun went down.

because sometimes it’s nice when the world doesn’t ask you to participate a lot. when it will let you hibernate and do nothing but quietly bob in very still waters.


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