my little worn-out white fake snakeskin purse.

moving is fun, as is clearly evident in these photos.
unpacking, sorting, throwing out, deciding wether you like something enough to keep it around and if you do where you’ll put it and…the whole thing is fun.

no, ok, what’s actually mildly amusing is re-discovering all these little things – papers, letters, tokens – that remind you of the life you’ve lived up until the moment you’re waist-deep in boxes.

things like:

the business card from that guy who worked for the united nations in sudan, who i had dinner with in entebbe, uganda the night i arrived.

that really dumb, really funny story adam and i wrote at some extremely boring function at the franklin’s inn on february 21, 1999.

that piece of paper with quotes from dts on it, including lizzy’s, “eat a liver gibble?”

the door tag with the names, “janis, lizzy, danielle, megan” that happily hung on our party door the last week we were in south africa together.

an e-mail dated early summer ’08 from krista. it was a good one.

a college acceptance letter congratulating me into the bachelor of commerce & management for winter 2004. ha. stayed there for a semester, then cut the cord on that idea.

this little piece of paper with scribbled pep talk notes from the night i called my family in tears that i was stuck in a school in south africa.

my little worn-out white fake snakeskin purse i had accompany me to church when i was a kid, that made me feel very grown-up.
i opened it up and found an old candy wrapper, some silver coins from construction sites that i collected because i thought the vending machines could be fooled into thinking they were quarters so i’d get free food (didn’t work, and this makes me sound like a weird kid). and a few old editions of “counselor” all dated early october 1995 with lessons about learning to obey and about Gods forgiveness. the fill-in-the-blanks are covered in my 11-year-old handwriting.

my very 80’s flower girl dress from when i was 6 and already taller than the ringer-bearer. damn.

that natty yellow hoodie from value village i wore while dating jesse.

a bag full of airline stubs. detroit, amsterdam, auckland, kuala lumpur, livingstone, london, chicago, johannesburg, new york, nairobi, los angeles, brisbane.

that bright multi-colord neon cardigan from when i was a kid that had all the bears on it, that even had bear buttons. i proudly wore it. everywhere.

all these momentos from my life, everything that’s come before the moment i’m in.
they make me laugh and feel really lucky. it’s been a full ride.

i move monday, and i’ll be ready to collect more momentos from what is to come…


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