the bio.

i was at this photography/art exhibition thing in whistler back in the spring. i was wandering around as it was closing, so i was nearly alone.

i found myself, instead of looking at the photography or the art or anything anbody had actually made, i was reading all the bio’s.
for some reason i found it much more interesting.

how people presented themselves.
what they chose to brag about.
what they thought was worth mentioning.
how what they wrote told me something about who they were.
their own self-perception of what they were trying to do with their art.
what they decided to say about their hobbies or music tastes or where they’ve lived in the past.

some of them were really boring. and some of them made me want to track that person down and buy them coffee.
some of them tried to get all overly philisophical about their life, some just listed off awards with their names slapped on them, and some just thought to be witty.

it’s actually a hectic concept to try to sum up your life and who you are in the context of that life on some 8.5 by 11 slab of wood.

after reading a whole lot of them, i thought about my own. and what i would write if i had to write one.

what would you write?


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