in apartment #3.

being in one place has become a strange concept to me.

starting in late december 2008, it’s been constant movement.
virginia to cali to new zealand to australia to malaysia to singapore to bali to thailand to england to holland to france to england to south africa to england to toronto to new york to virginia to toronto to edmonton to vancouver to whistler to edmonton to new york to south africa to mozambique to south africa to zambia to malawi to tanzania to kenya to south africa to england to ireland to toronto to edmonton to vancouver.

put some kelowna and a few portland trips in there and that’s the basic round-up of nearly two years out of a suitcase.

one place has become strange.
and if it wasn’t for the constant peace doing laps around vancouver, i’d bolt for the door. i love being on the road. the idea of one place bores me.

but i know without a doubt, this is where i’m supposed to be. this is where God has me for however long a season He makes this out to be.
in apartment #3.

yes, i moved into my first official place-of-my-own. and two days early no less, so i’ve already had time to jump in and out of the window, estimating how long of a ladder i’ll need to get onto the roof of the apartment next door to get the ultimate city view.

i just don’t know where to hide a 10-foot ladder.


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