la vie en rose.

i went down to granville island this afternoon, to sit with a coffee and gingersnap,
and just. do. that.
i eventually started reading a book, but for a good while there i watched the birds, watched the boats, watched the clouds.

this singer, who is quite the regular since i have a picture of him from last year somewhere, was serenading the dock crowd with french songs.
when he started into la vie en rose, i looked up and smiled.

i’ve listened to that song so many times this past week (freshly awoken to edith piaf because of my lovely, and french-savvy, best friend hailey taylor.) and found it so strangely relaxing.

and i say strange because i don’t know french. i’m probably never going to know french. i don’t understand what people are saying when they speak french. and i adored paris, but i don’t harbour some pining to be french.
but put on this song, and it makes time just



(that bow tie just gets me. i love it. a bow tie by the sea…)


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