janis and the giveaway.

i often feel like janis and i should have met as kids.
i think we would have made pretty rad friends, two little uncontrollable blonde fireballs.

but i met her almost five years ago when we went to school together in the townships of cape town, south africa.
i’m pretty sure our bond was set in cement over our mutual need to be starkly honest. and the shared fact that if somebody was going to explain something or tell us to do something or teach us something, they better be prepared to answer, “why?”
we were also a consistent part of the maybe five out of thirty-four of us that actually had breakfast every morning.

well she’s still a very close friend and i am so honored to have her in my life.
she’s also a stellar blogger (find her here!) who has a keen, keen eye for photography, a brilliant way with words and a solid gold heart. i really do love her.

she has also so graciously agreed to host a giveaway to get some of the word out for dani press.

get to her blog, leave a comment on this post, and you’re automatically entered into a random draw to be sent six dani press cards of your choice.

pick out your favorites, enter in and good luck!



4 responses to “janis and the giveaway.

  1. aw, I had no idea you two were friends, Can I please pop my little head in between you two? I love photo booth shots.

  2. ha! way to pull out the old school photobooth pics! i have those two lined up right beside our first ones with kayla! woo!

    you, my dear, are a gem! thanks for the kind words. and i agree, we would’ve been pretty freaking hilarious as youngsters together! (perhaps a little out of control? haha!)

  3. (*lined up on my bulletin board i meant to say!)

  4. Ahh, yes, the faithful few who showed up for breakfast… Who can pass up Weetbix on a dark, chilly morning?

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