i watched the great gatsby the other night.

it’s the picking up of something i started last year.
i set out to watch a string of old films, and tragically started with “dr. zhivago”. my word, someone should warn you about something like 197 minutes in russia during the bolshevik revolution.
the boredom snapped me right out of my cinema craving.

then there was “gone with the wind” and “breakfast at tiffany’s”, and besides the latter, i’ve got to say, i’m not entirely impressed with old love stories.
they’re long and tragic and … i absolutely adore the costumes and the decades and the movie stars, but they end and i most often push my computer closed, pause for a second and wonder what just happened.

the saving grace of the great gatsby?
robert redford.


One response to “gatsby.

  1. I love that still of Robert Redford – just added the film to my Netflix queue. I love the book, but I’ve only seen the Toby Stephens version.
    Yes, old movie romances can be quite enchanting, though perhaps too demanding of our time and patience. But, in the winter gloom there is nothing more cozy than to turn to old love stories and let them take you on a journey to different times, different fashions, different notions of what constitutes a feminine beauty.

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