the dorchester.

it’s a bit of a long story how this happened, but basically my best friend hailey works for a company called kiwi collections. i did some blogging for them during the world cup, fast forward to august, and tim and i are staying for free in the most expensive hotel on park lane alongside angelina jolie.

and i got to write about it, here.
pretty nuts.

plates of chocolates being sent up.
champagne left in our room at night.
butlers setting the table and bringing in our custom-picked breakfast.
lamborghinis in the parking lot.
perfect americanos and giant italian marble bathrooms.

i literally brought in a glass of champagne to sip while i showered standing in the deepest tub in london (as we were told!) surrounded by polished silver and whimsical curtains. and i laughed most of the time, because when do you ever get to do that?


but it’s exactly why you do them. because they’re ridiculous. and you can.

(while writing this up, i’m sitting in bed sipping coffee and have “harvest” (one of these best albums of all time) on, and there is actually snow sitting outside my window here in vancouver! snow!
all of this makes me very happy.)

happy saturday!


3 responses to “the dorchester.

  1. What an incredible experience!! Just totally rad, dani! And your write-up was SO good! Have a nice weekend!!

  2. dani kreeft – a name often heard but never met .

    thank you for your kindness on my blog . its rare that i get comments other than from my lovely, supportive and somewhat obligated number one fan (janis, of course), so its more than appreciated!

    in return – FAB cards . love the photography, typography, slogans to live by and packaging = brilliant .

    and i know you landing in a hoighty-toighty marble hotel in London is the product of a ‘long story’ but i have my suspicions that the recent success of dani press is the real reason youre living it up . just a thought


  3. yaaaay!!! so fun to see pictures of you INSIDE!!!!!!!!! i love that you guys got to stay there. seeing tim making tea/coffee in those surroundings makes me want to laugh and smile.

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