diana in ireland.

i have not been very good at story-telling about the adventures of this year.
i’ll try to do better, starting now.

i picked up this roll of diana camera film i had developed today and fortunately some of them worked. six out of twelve. sigh, it’ll have to do.
they were from the week my little brother tim, my little sister emily and i (how it would have been even better with our hilarious older brother adam) had in ireland this summer.

we had pints and zipped around irish fields and strolled cobblestone streets and made tim wait for us while we tried on clothes in vintage shops.

and it made me so thankful that God knows what He’s doing. because when he conjured up the four of us, i think He must have smiled. really wide.
knowing how much we would challenge each other to live our lives now, and not later.
to go out and skip and play in foreign countries in our youth. and to go out and do it together, laughing about how broke we are while driving to the oldest pub in ireland.
and to teach each other to work for great adventures instead of new vehicles or something equally as stupid.

you just can’t buy that.
they are my teachers, my comrades. a part of myself.



2 responses to “diana in ireland.

  1. i came back with 7 or 8 rolls of diana after greece/turkey and only about 1/3? of them worked out. getting them developed cost me waaaaay too much money. i still need to scan some up to throw on the blog!

    i haven’t been super motivated to take her out to play again, but i know i should soon!

    those cliff ones are rad!

  2. Jessica Poettcker

    LOVE those!!!

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