in the kitchen.

i’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen.

1. i’ve always wanted to learn, and hearing yourself pine after a skill but never doing anything about it is annoying.
2. this is obvious, but it’s what goes in my body. i want to know what’s best for the good ol’ heart and limbs so that when i’m 60 i’m not sitting across from a doctor whose saying, “well, uh, this might come as a surprise to you, but there’s a direct link between sustenance and your mental, emotional and physical health. maybe you should have been paying attention.”

and most importantly,
3. i don’t want to be a crack-open-the-cans wife. ha, i really don’t.
i want my husband to be proud of me. and for him to know that i’m his safe haven and i will fill his belly and love him well.
i also figure a stellar meal will smooth out tension if we have a fight. i’m planning my strategy.

i’ve stocked my shelves with navy, baby lima and azuki beans. roasted buckwheat and quinoa. curries and cumin, ginger and seeds, garlic and sprouts. spinach sits in the fridge beside yogurt and avacados and walnuts.

i’ve made homemade granola, bran muffins, vegetable chili and vegetable shepherds pie…
next up, who knows. all this stuff ended up making a ton, so now i’ll be eating it for awhile!


7 responses to “in the kitchen.

  1. are you a vegetarian?

  2. I must say Danielle, I am very impressed and very proud!

  3. Looks so delish and healthy!! Very impressive!

  4. homemaker extraordinaire!!!!!!! sooooo domestic. pretty soon you will learn how to iron.
    watch out world.

  5. ha! make-up food. that IS a good strategy.

    looks yummy! i dearly wish we COULD have dinner parties together + take photos every second.

    take care, my friend!!


  6. dani!!!!

    ah, so so so proud.

    it all looks so yummmmmmmmmy. veggies 4 ever 😉 he he.
    we NEED to have a dinner party. that is our goal for 2012?!
    on another continent? mwa ha ha.

    love you so much sister.
    sending all my love + prayers + wishes


  7. Dang! So… when can I come over?

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