seattle, 4.2 million.
vancouver, 2.3 million.
portland, 2.2 million.

this trio make up the most heavily populated areas of the pacific northwest.
(again, geography is on the mind)

i’ve harbored a nothing-can-even-come-close-to-it love for the pacific northwest for years and years.
maybe it’s the microbreweries or the rain or the words mount hood or the general feel that most people would be perfectly happy bombin’ around in the forest in some old car with ccr turned up and fishing rods in the back.
(or maybe that’s just me.)

i will have all this in mind, and that same love in my heart, when i board a bus bound for seattle next week.
we’ll hit the I-5, i’ll turn this up and watch the evergreens wave in an endless line-up…and be just so very happy.

happy monday!


2 responses to “home.

  1. Happy Monday! What a lovely tribute to your neck of the woods! There’s nothing like the Pacific Northwest!

  2. Aw, I have a dream home in the Pacific Northwest!
    Where you at?

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